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We equip all our trucks with the # 1 Protection Equipment In the Industry

Items Included In Every Move

Floor Protection

We use Neoprene Floor Runners In your house not only to protect your floors from scuffs, but also they are excellent at picking up dirt as the movers come and go into your house. Each trucks carries 3 each. They are 15ft long. If you have any special needs with your floors please mention this to your sales rep.

Door Pad And Door Jam Pad

We provide a Door pad and a door jam pad that will protect your door from scratches and your jam from being tore up by oversized pieces. Although the movers may need to take your front door off this pad will protect the front and back from anything that could cause damage as a front door is very expensive to replace or fix, and is the focal point of your home.

Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets are one of the most important things we provide on all of our trucks. Each truck carries 90 moving blankets and they are used on all your furniture. We will fully wrap all your furniture. In order to properly protect your couch or cloth material furniture we will also wrap these items in blankets. 

We Wrap Our Dollies

We also pad all of our dollies for protection and cushion against your furniture so they do not scratch your wood furniture or stainless steel appliances. It also absorbs impact when dolling boxes and protects the contents better.

Ram Board

If you have brand new or very fragile floors we suggest using ram board. This is a thin layer of cardboard that is taped to your floor or walls. It is very good at preventing anything touching or being scraped or dragged along the floor or your walls. Ram board is not included  in the hourly rate and is an additional cost. Please talk to your sales rep for current pricing.

Carpet Shield

If you have brand new carpet that is light in color, we offer carpet shield at an additional cost over the hourly rate. This a thin layer of plastic that will stick to your carpet to stay in place while your items are moved in or out. Talk to your sales rep today about current pricing.