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Saturday/Sunday 8:00am-3:00pm

D.O.T. # 3340329

Packing Options

I Want To Pay Per Piece

Below is a list of items you may purchase from us if you are paying per piece. Some items listed below come with the move such as moving blankets or wardrobes, but must be returned at the end of the move as marked or you will be billed for these items.

I Need Everything..

Below is a list of items that are included in all packing jobs that are purchased. This option adds $40 an hour to your current hourly rate. This is the best option if we are packing everything.

Items Sold By The Piece  

Small box$2.50
Medium Box$3.00
Large Box$4.00
Wardrobe Box$22.50
Shrink Wrap (included with all moves)$25.00
Bubble Wrap(25ft Good Quality)$35
Moving Blanket$14.50
Mattress Bag$20.00
T.V. Box- Large/Small$30/$60

Crating Glass- Call for current price

Picture Box- Large /Small$30/$60
Carpet Shield (24inchesx200ft)$60.00
Ram Board (50ft)$60.00
Paper Pack 10lbs$22.50

Items Include When You Add $40 an Hour To Your Rates.

Small BoxIncluded
Medium BoxIncluded
Large BoxIncluded
Paper Pack 10lbIncluded
Shrink Included