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What Should I Do Before My Movers Arrive?

There are 2 type pf services we offer:


 When you elect this service it is considered full service and we take care most all responsibility's in your home.  It is the most expensive but yet the least stressful option in the moving industry. We will arrive at your home with everything needed to pack all your breakables, clothes, and fragile stuff in your home. There are a few items we suggest you prepare for. One of the most important things you need to take care of, would be yourself and any other members along with pets in your home. When we pack everything can be in a disarray and unorganized or misplaced out of there usual places for the duration of the move. What we mean by this, would be you need to pack as if your going on vacation for the duration of the move plus 1 day. The duration of your move depends on how the pack and move is performed. Most of the time we will arrive to pack your home the day prior to your move. On pack day we are going to pack all lose items in cabinets and wrap and prep any furniture we can other than couches, beds, or TVs for your final night in your home. We suggest You save any cold cooler, or cooler bags you may have for refrigerator items for us to pack into, which we still will transport for you. We take care of all pictures bedding and anything else you need. In the summer months you may want to consider moving live plants on your own as they are quite fragile in the back of our moving truck with the heat. Fish tanks need to be drained and the fish need to be transported by yourself as we cannot transport live stock or persons.  We suggest prior to packing day you designate an area in your home where you put things that the movers should not pack or touch that you will need during your move. When you arrive to your new home we can also offer you unpacking and orgoaztional home needs. Click below to find out more.


When the movers arrive to your home they will be fully equipped to take care of all you furniture, boxes and clothes in your closet. Some  of the best advice we can give our customers would be to purge there home and closets of all unwanted items before your move as this will be cheaper on yourself for your move. The movers will have tools needed to disassemble your beds, unhook fridge water lines, washer, dryers lines ( please see water line wavier), wardrobe boxes to pack the clothes in your closets, plenty of moving pads and shrink wrap to wrap all your furniture. We suggest all lose items be packed into boxes, all boxes be labeled as this will not create a delay in placing them at your new home. We suggest not blocking front doors or exit doors as we will have to move the items before we can start loading. Having all your bedding off your bed speeds up the movers when loading your beardom. If you need we can load your your bedding into wardrobe boxes. Some of the last minute things you or the movers can do would be loading the refrigerator items into coolers, packing the wardrobes, unmounting TV's, disassembling furniture. We offer all these services and many more but it saves you time and in return saves you money as all services are billed by the hour. You should drain all fish tanks the morning off, and transport the fish to your new home at the same time the movers head there. Live plants if there small enough should be transported by your self in summer months as the heat my kill them in the back of the truck. In short the movers are eqquiped to do just about anything you need other than packing on move day depending what you need. To see how many movers you need click below.