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Should I or Not.....

Here on this page we are going to try and answer some of the most common questions we get in our industry like....

Can I leave stuff in my dresser drawers?

The answer is two fold yes and no. So most items with drawers are going to be shrink wrapped so the drawers are not going to fall out. At the same time the pieces are going to be lifted vertically if they have to go up or down the stairs or even to go up in the truck. If you have no breakables your okay, but, do not leave pens paper clips or small office supplies as they could fall out the back of the drawer never to be seen again. Also please take items out like books, drawers full of picture etc... These items make the piece very heavy and could result in damage during transport of the item.

Will my movers put my furniture/boxes where I want them?

The simple answer is YES! We would and you would much rather organize and place items were they need to be. As you go about unpacking if all your boxes are marked and your furniture is placed in the correct spot the process will be much easier on you. And dont be shy we will move pieces as many times as you would like if you dont like the placement the first time.

Do I have to be there for the move?

Also yes and no. We understand sometimes life is very busy during move time. You or someone you trust needs to be present during the start of the move to walk the movers thru things that are going or staying. We also require someone present during the end of the move to pay the bill. You may set up an agreement with our office for outside online payment prior to the move beginning. One issue we run in to is locking the premises or returning storage keys after the move, so please make arrangements for this if you cannot be present.

Can we disassemble your furniture?

Yes we have the ability to disassemble almost any furniture needed. Some items take more time like cribs, trampolines, treadmills, bunkbeds. Our movers have the necessary tools needed. We are unable to remount televisions due to insurance regulations. If you have any very unique items please talk to your sales rep today so we all can be prepared on move day.


We will as a courtesy disconnect and recount your washer, dryer, and refrigerator. We will have you sign a water line waiver in order to remove any liability due to poor valves bursting and flooding the area. Please remember we are not plumbers. We have experience and don't really have any problems in this area. We do ask you check the connections to make sure everything is satisfactory. Most refrigerators require the handles, pegs, and front doors to be removed in order to prevent damage. Our movers are trained in this process. 

Will my movers call when there on the way?

 When the crew is enroute to your pickup location the system will automatically text you with an exact GPS time they will arrive. If you prefer a call instead, let our office know. 

What can I do to help...

Before the move: The first and best thing you can do if were not packing is to make sure all your small stuff is packed into boxes. If you have lamp shades small or glass pieces that are not boxed, make sure to either box them or put them in your car. If you have items, you don't want the movers to touch, mark it as best as you can. Take sheets and bedding off the beds etc.

During the move: The movers are trained in efficiency. Many people want to help put things closer to the door or on the truck. The reality is you might stop the efficient process they have if you're doing this. If there are any questions the movers have, they will ask you. In reality the best thing you can do is to sit back and watch or supervise them as that is what you're paying for.

Can I get supplies before my move?

No. We do not provide moving supplies for your own use. All of our supplies must stay on our trucks. We will bring all boxes needed on pack day if we are packing for you.

How can I pay you.

There are 2 forms of payment for our services. We accept any kind of debit or credit card. (3% CARD FEE ON ALL CARD TRANSACTIONS) We also accept cash.



The amount you chose to tip is your choice.  You are not required to tip the movers or receive any different service regardless of whether you tip or not.  Please understand we are as professional as we can be in this industry and greatly appreciate but do not expect or require you to tip.