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What should I do with my........

Lamp shades: Most all lamps have two kind of lamp shades, they are either glass or, a fragile cloth or plastic type of material. There is a cap that is mostly decorative on the top. If you turn it counterclockwise it will allow you to unscrew the cap and remove the shade. Once you take the shade off, if it is glass, you should take care and either bubble wrap and put it in a box or pack it with paper so it cannot move in a box. If it is a cloth or plastic type, there are 2 options. The shade can either go in a box that it will fit in, so it does not get crushed. You will want to mark that box as lamp shade and very fragile. If you're not moving far, you may also just put it in your car with other fragile items. We as movers have no problem taking care of these items for you also if you need us to.

Clothes: Many of us have tried hauling are clothes out to our car arm load by arm load. There is a better way. On each of our trucks we provide 6 wardrobe boxes for clothes that hang in your closets. Each box will do up to 2ft of clothes. If you need more boxes, please let us know. These boxes make it so simple. We can bring them in for you, and all you need to do is take the clothes from where they are hanging and hang them in the wardrobe box. When you arrive to your new home you take them from the box and hang them back up. As for clothes in your dresser drawers we suggest you leave all of them in the drawers as long as the drawers can be securely closed and do not add excessive weight. And of course, you may always pack them into boxes if you would like.

Drawer in your furniture: One of the most common questions we get. First, if the drawer contains breakables they need to be removed and packed. If the drawer contains small lose items, it also needs to be removed and packed as the items will probably fall out of the back of the drawer. If there are just clothes in the drawers it is best to just leave them in the drawer as this reduces packing. Furthermore, we use shrink-wrap to hold drawers in as it is much quicker to wrap them then make several trips with the drawers.

Mattress: You may get a mattress bag at U-Haul, Walmart, Home-depot or any storage facility that carries moving supplies. We do not provide those. Once you have the bag you can either put it on yourself or let us put it on for you. A simpler way you may consider, let us shrink wrap the mattress and then there is no cost for a bag, but yet it is still protected from dirt.

Garage Tools: These can be heavy and bulky. Any equipment that may have gas in it needs to be emptied so it does not leak on the truck. Standard rakes and shovels can be loaded like they are. If they are small tools, they are best to be packed. Toolboxes should be closed and locked, if not we will shrink wrap them. Any bulky items like floor jacks, table saws, garage racks, will be loaded like they are.

Pictures large and small: If the picture fits in a box you should wrap it in paper or bubble wrap it and secure it in a box. If the picture is too large for a box, leave it to us. We will pad wrap and load them between mattress, or in a safe place in the truck.

Liquids: These items should be emptied out whenever possible. In the case you cannot please understand we take no responsibility for them spilling in our trucks, or on your items, or your property. You will need to transport these items, especially things like bleach that cannot not be packed properly.

Boxes: These are pretty simple. Once they are packed just make sure you mark them. You may either leave them in the room you packed them in, or you may stack them in one location for transport. You want to make sure if you stack the boxes, they are heavy on the bottom and light on the top. At your new home, the movers will place them in the correct rooms for you.

Small Fragile Items: All small fragile items should be either bubble wrapped, or paper wrapped and packed into a box. The box needs to be marked as fragile and you might want to point these boxes out to your movers if necessary. 

Fridge/Freezer: The fridge should be emptied out of all contents. You may elect to keep your items in your freezer if they don't make it too heavy. This should be one of the last things you should do as we will load it last. When we get to the new place we will get unloaded out of the truck as quickly as possible and reload the food back in it to keep any loss to a minimum.

Washer/Dryer: As movers this a common item we move. We will disconnect and reconnect your washer and dryer as long as any of the components do not need to be changed. There are times you may need to purchase a new dryer bag or even a new dryer cord. Some homes have 3 prong hook ups, and some have 4 prong hook ups. Your movers are trained to switch these out. If your movers tell you that a different prong cord is necessary, you may go to home-depot, Lowes, or even Ace Hardware. They run about $25 and come with everything needed. Ask your movers if you need this service as we include this in the hourly rate.

Small lamps: All small lamps should be put in a box if they will fit. When there is glass on the base of a lamp it needs to be bubble wrapped and either but in a big box or let your movers know so they can take special care of the item. If the lamp does not fit in a box, please leave it for the movers as they are trained in transporting it properly.

Personal items: These are items that you may want to keep or move yourself like purses, guns, money, ammo etc.  We suggest you make a spot in your home like on your counter, in a corner, or somewhere the movers don't need to be. Please advise your movers about these items and they will not move them.

Bedding: There are 2 ways to take care of the blankets and pillows. The most common way would be to bag it up as you want it to stay as clean as possible. If you would like we may load these items into our wardrobe boxes as long as you don't use all of them for your clothes. The basic idea is to keep the pillows and blankets clean, so you don't have to wash them as soon as you arrive to your new home.

Plants/Artificial Plants: All live plants are hard to transport in a moving truck as it gets hot in the back of the truck. The dirt in the pots may spill. We will move them as best as we can but will not guarantee the soil, or the life of the plant. It is best to take these items with you where you can secure them better in your car, and it is not too hot for them. For artificial plants, if they fit in a box, pack them in a box. 

Jewelry Boxes: First, if you have any jewelry item valued over $10,000, we ask you move those pieces yourself. Typically, we will wrap the box in front of you and have you initial the shrink wrap. We will have you there when we unwrap the box and put it where you would like it.

Fish Tanks: All fish, water and contents of the tank must be removed. Fish must be transported by yourself as we cannot transport live pets. Also, if you have any special expensive lights please wrap and box these so they do not get broke during transport.