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What's Included


Not every move is the same. We strive to equip all our trucks with everything needed to complete your move smoothly with no damages. On this page you will find a list of what we equip our trucks with and what the equipment is used for. For anything special other than what is listed please ask your sales rep.

Magliner 2 wheel doolies

All Dollies are Padded to protect your furniture and can handle up to 600lbs easily.

3-15ft floor runners    

Neoprene Floor runners are used to protect your floor, your entry way and also collect as much dirt on them instead of spreading it thru out the house.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is very important. We use shrink wrap to hold any moving blanket on your items and also to hold drawers or anything that might need to be secured on the item during the move.

Tool Bags

Our movers have basic tools for disassembly of beds, washer, dryer, fridge water lines. We can unmount your televisions and reassemble any furniture needed. However we are unable to mount remount your television. Ask your sales rep today about any special needs.

Ratchet Straps

Our trucks come equipped with 10-15 ratchet strap tie downs. The straps are used to secure your furniture in the truck so it does not move during transport.


All our trucks come with 6 bungie straps for lamps mirrors or anything that can not be strapped o tight.

4 wheel dollie

The 4 wheeler is used on heavy items that may to be to heavy to carry in tight spaces or for long walks from the truck with your items. 

90 Moving Pads

Our truck comes equipped with 90 quality moving blankets that are used to protect all your furniture. We purchase supreme moving pads in order to protect the furniture the best we can from friction rubbing during transport.

4 arm fork lift Straps

4 arm fork lift straps are used when the piece is heavy and needs to maneuvered in tight spaces or have nowhere to hold onto like a mattress.

Door Cover and Door Jam Pad

All trucks carry 1 door pad and 1 door jam pad. These pads will protect your front door and entry way from getting scratched up.