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Here We Will Explain the Process on what it Takes to Pack Your Whole House.

Whole House Packing Done Right 

How we pack


Break your house into sections. Do not move from a room until it is complete. This prevents you from mixing items and makes it a lot easier to unpack.


Prepare the amount  of boxes needed in each room for packing before beginning packing.


Put yourself in a comfortable position like stacking two empty boxes on each other to prevent as much bending up and down as possible when packing a closet or dresser.

The 3 Rooms That Take Time...


The kitchen and pantry are the most time consuming sections of the house to be packed. Each piece of glass needs to be paper wrapped separately. We use small boxes for glass as they are heavy and need to be stacked on top of the load. We start by layering the bottom of the box with some crumbled up paper as a layer of cushion. We then put items in the box one at a time until it is full to the top which is very important, so they will not crush in transport. Cups appliances and food may go in a medium box or large box. Canned food needs to stay in small boxes. It is important to keep a designated spot to put the packed boxes when they are complete to keep yourself organized. Make sure to mark boxes as glass or food, but most importantly mark them as kitchen.

Master Bedroom Closet

The master closet looks more intimidating than it really is. With wardwrobe boxes they simplify the job. The first thing you want to do is start by putting shoes, shoe boxes, belts, or anything small and unbreakable in the bottom of the box. Once that is complete you can put your clothes across the top of the box. Each box does typically 2ft of closet space, so pack it tight. Anything left over can normally be packed in large boxes.

The Garage

Overtime the garage can become very unorganized. If it you look at the picture above you will notice most items in the garage do not need to be packed just organized. Most garages not all are like this. It is highly recommended you purge items you dont want before move time. There are still loose items here and there but normally can be packed in large or medium boxes. If there are loose tools make sure and pack them. Anything with grease or oil make sure and pack those items as you dont want them to spill on other items.

The rest of the house breaks down into 3 different categories. 

1. Is it breakable

2. Can it just be packed

3. Am I going to need it right away.

Make sure to mark your boxes properly and reserve anything your going to need in a spot you know where it is going to be. If we are packing for you, make a spot in your home with stuff we should not pack. It is best to prepare yourself if you were going to take a 2 or 3 day trip for any family members and pets and keep these items with yourself. Also any item like high value jewelry, passports, birth certificate, is not covered on insurance and should be transpoted yourself.